this is how I deal with Facebook scams lol


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added someone to facebook but wasnt sure who they were, figured they were part of the gun rights stuff i was doing. i got a IM from them at work today and so i let it go from there...:laugh::laugh::laugh

Conversation started today
Joan Hartman

Joan Hartman:hello
Chris Phillips Helo Hello...

Joan Hartman How are you today?

Chris Phillips Fair

Joan Hartman Hmmm much better here... Hows work and Family ?

Chris Phillips Samo samo

Joan Hartman ????

Chris Phillips Same old stuff...much better there?

Joan Hartman Okay well Im doing good and dont know if you heard about the good news

Chris Phillips good news? You won a million dollars and want to share???

Joan Hartman lol.. So you havent heard that i won money from the new federal government and Facebook company

Chris Phillips Would that "new federal government be obama declaring himself dictator and nullifying the constitution, and zuckenbergh is his new vice president??

Joan Hartman No chris u so funny It is Thanks Giving bonus from the new federal government and Facebook company i got 50.000 and a brand new apple laptop..i thought you have heard about this already

Chris Phillips Define "new" federal government... Im curious

Joan Hartman Its still the federal Government, whats making you curios Chris, you shold be congratulating me you know

Chris Phillips U said new...thought with todays enactment of the nuclear options of no more filibustering and laws pass with only 51 votes in the senate instead of normal required 60, the democrats snuck in a socialistic euphoria and i hadnt heard of it yet .

Joan Hartman wow i like that.. you current with your country. A very good citizen you are

Chris Phillips And you. "Earned" this "bonus" how?

Joan Hartman It was a friend of mine that told me about it but i got scared and decide to give it a trial...its like this cos the agent explained to me
She said it was organized by Facebook and Fed Gov just to help the less priviledge and make the country a better place and for the world to know that God indeed Bless America..
Funny though but true she told me to give it a try and i did so i was a winner too

Chris Phillips When someone recieves anything from the goverment , its because they took it from someone else who worked to receive what they had, how is that making the "world" a better place??... The signs say "dont feed the bears" for a reason ya know
When we create a world of "entitlement" the only people that " win " are those who do nothing to deserve it...

Joan Hartman lol what if u are a winner wont you collect your money?

Chris Phillips If i entered a contest or paid for a ticket.. Sure. If its my govement handing out " free" **** my taxes paid for?.. Im not winning anything, im loosing

Joan Hartman why u say that you Might be Lucky who knows

Chris Phillips Because i pay taxes so others get free things and refuse to go to work for it...thats called welfare

Joan Hartman at first i thought it wasnt real until i just gave it a try and i got so lucky now im so much glad i risked it and im happy now..

Chris Phillips Can i guess what you do for a living?

Joan Hartman Okay guess

Chris Phillips You do this...

Joan Hartman ???

Chris Phillips Im willing to bet your not from Pennsylvania, english is not your native language and your mannerisms imply you don't even live in the united states

Joan Hartman hmmm why u say that ?

Chris Phillips The way you speak isnt common english or even slang, based on your pic your female with a child and of anglo saxon/ german decent. Your knowledge of out political system and current events is lacking, and the only thing you want to talk about is how I COULD WIN SOMETHING...just taking a wild guess.. Lol

Joan Hartman lol

Chris Phillips You might have got further if you had opened the conversation by offering nude pics or something like dont have any do you??

Joan Hartman No sorry

Chris Phillips That's ok.. I can wait

Joan Hartman But I think you should talk to the agent in charge and ask her if your name is among the lucky winner here is the link to get her here on Facebook add her and message her

Chris Phillips Will she offer pics?? Cone on just one with you holding laptop you won and smiling!! .. Oh yea and nude lol

Joan Hartman lol its not a joke hold but i want you to keep this picture okay

sends attached pic
Chris Phillips Thats way cool..ok nude with all that money all over your body!! can use that money to cover up the naughty parts!... If you have

Joan Hartman Thnka but im matured enough

Chris Phillips Great that means your legal and not a minor!!...

Joan Hartman lol

Chris Phillips If you look anything like your pic... Your hot!!

Joan Hartman thanks

Chris Phillips Oh no... Thank you... The pleasure has been all mine!!

Joan Hartman Yw

Chris Phillips So no offering of validity of who you are?

Joan Hartman brb

Chris Phillips Ohhh im giddy with excitement


and that is how i deal with facebook scams
I am too blunt. No way could I jaw with an idiot for that long.
You go a long way to say F-Off.
i was at work....needed the entertainment for hour or so lol
Chris just wanted to see the chicken naked :laugh: hours later he figured out he was being scammed :whistle:
If everyone who encountered a spammer kept them occupied instead of immediately letting them know you're not an easy mark, they would slow the hell down and be unable to find saps as easily.
Reminds me of when the telemarketers called. I got fed up with them and could not take it anymore.
At dinnertime the phone rang and I answered it. Telemarketer, I said hold on for a second and handed the phone to my 2 yr old. After a few minutes I got the phone from the kid and the line was dead. I got a good laugh out of that one.

Sometimes it feels good to shovel crap back at those who like to shovel crap your way.