The 6th Grade Teacher asked the class....


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"What part of the human body grows ten times it size when stimulated?"

with that...little mary jumped to her feet scolding her teacher that...

"Mrs. Peabody!..don't you think that question is a tad inappropriate for a 6th grade grammar school class!"

The offended teacher then told mary to sit her but right back down and shut up!

Then the teacher asked...

" class...(with the exception of mary)...can anyone else tell me what part of the human body grows ten times it's size when stimulated?"

with that?..little johnny raised his hand...and when called upon?...he happily responded with...

"The pupil of the human eyeball."

Mrs. Peabody was elated and congratulated johnny for a correct answer...then?..she turned her attention back towards mary saying...

Mary?...I have 3 things to say to you...

1. Start doing your freaking homework!

2. Get your filthy little mind out of the gutter!

and 3?...

You're gonna be awefully disappointed on your wedding night.

L8R, Bill. :cool:
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I hate to say it folks but in todays society little mary know's that because she didn't wait until her wedding night.:rofl: