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I had a gixer 1k it was an 06 model and I put a TRE on it. So when I bought my 07 used the guy gave me a TRE for it, But I thought they worked on the gear indicator, If I can use this where does it go. and does it help the busa like it did my gixer.


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The TRE fools the bikes ECU into thinking it never goes into 6th gear. The limiter is built into the 6th gear map. The TRE goes under the tank on the left side, just above the tranny, you will see the plugs laying there, I think they are the largest ones in that location. Hope that helps you.

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There is a little "tab" on the side of the male end that has to be pushed in to remove it from the female side. If you take a needle nose pliers and push in the tab and use the other half of the pliers to grasp the opposite side of the male side it pulls right out. It is so easy a girl could do it. How do I know ??? My wife installed mine... :whistle:

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A few weeks ago, I installed a pair of CCIC (cheap Chinese imported crap) carbon fiber mufflers, but with the baffles out my bike didnt "fuel" well below 4,000 RPM so I had to keep the baffles in. Too quiet. Since I (actually my wife) installed the TRE, I pulled the baffles on the mufflers yesterday and to my surprise the bike now runs great below 4,000 RPM. And the sound is perfect with the baffles out. Not too loud at all. Score one for the TRE !

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