Suspension settings


I'm 6'-2", 195 lbs.

Currently I'm using factory settings, because I don't even have 400 miles on the skooter yet. Anyone near my weight recommend changes in the settings?

I was considering softening up the front end just a wee bit. Don't have tons of twisties here.
Softening?  I went a little stiffer front and back, but I do ride alot of twisty roads.

I went up 1 or 2 notches on the spring preload in front and up 1 or 2 on the rebound damping in back (up meaning stiffer).  I've noticed improved feel of the road through twisties, and no loss in stability on the highway, up to 140mph.  (Sorry, that's as fast as I've been :-) ).

I want to up the spring preload in back (I did this with my first bike, Katana) because I've found that the bikes are set up for 170 lb people in mind.  I am the same size as you generally, 6'2" and 195.  The spring preload in back requires a special tool, so it is a real PITA.

Hope this helps.  I think ya just need to break the seal  
and mess with it.  Ride it for 100 miles, and you'll know wether you want to change back or not.  Suspension settings are VERY individual.  But do give it 100 miles, 'cause at first it will be so different you won't like it, but you may love it later.

Sorry for the long winded post, hope it helped.


PS. Another note, if you change the back, it will change the wheelie characteristics a bit. I went stiffer and it was harder to wheelie, I think because the weight shift rearward was less. I dont' know why exactly, but expect it to change...if it means anything to ya.
I am 6' 4" 260 pounds I had to tighten the spring in the rear to soft for me and I ride 2 up alot didnt mess with anything else yet but I have bottomed out my forks on some larger bumps that snuck up on me I actually felt them hit bottom so I am going to add some stiffness or slow down the flow not sure which to adjust or how yet but this weekend I am headed to Canada I will try some adjustments after I get back I have the manual and it explains all the adjustments
On stock settings, generally it is the front that is too soft and the rear that is stiff.

I stiffened mine up quite a bit and like it. It was a bit too stiff for a while and was bouncing way too much on the roads. I don't remember exactly what it is, but I think I have 6 out, 7 (or 8), and stock preload out on the rear, 2-out (both) and 2 or 2.5 lines showing on the preload on the front. 193.5cm/~77kg.
I don't know if the bikes are set up for 170 lb people because the first time I rode mine on the rippled I-5 in CA the bike nearly beat the crap out of me. Now I have 6 lines showing and backed out the compression and preload 8 clicks in the front and 6 clicks in the back and loosened the spring preload way up in the rear. It still bounces in the back a little. I'm 6' 165. The suspension feels very smooth through the twisties now.

Check with some friends that are the same weight and ride the same, that helped me.
I changed my standard settings about a month ago & havent looked back since.
Im 5ft 8in. 154lb (short ass). Got these setting form a back issue of Performace Bikes (UK).

Front Setting:
Preload:        2 rings showing.
Rebound:      2 clicks from full in.
Compression: 5 clicks from full in.

     6mm of thread showing from top of locking ring to end of thread.
Rebound:      15 clicks from full in.
Compression: 17 Clicks from full in.

Tyre Pressures:-

Front: 34 psi

Rear:  38 psi

The front now feels quite hard but I now get a lot of feed back through the twisties. As for the rear, I looked at the settings and thought that this is going to be far too soft but as PB said in their write up, with the standard settings being so stiff the rear tyre hasnt got time to grip as you lay the power on. Now with the softer setting the rear grips more.
I can now get the rear to light up and the back end now stays on line. Boy, its Knee down fun.
Still very stable at 180mph. (ooops. Did I say 180 Mr. PC plod).
If anyone tries these settings please e-mail me your opinion.

If you haven't set static spring sag that should be the first thing you do. That should give you proper preload on you springs front and rear. Once static sag is set then ride the bike and adjust compression and rebound dampening to the type of riding you do. Hayabusa's are notorious for soft spring settings. I went full race tech suspension and that really made a difference....................................
A back issue of sport rider magazine gave some settings..used at willow springs..set mine up that works....feels abit stiff..but if you go into a turn to hot....or get abit aggressive
70-80 mph turn......hangs in there..if anyone is interested i can find the rag and post the as usual..Knebnr
talks about initial preload..front and rear spring sag..,,that is that first....he's gone OVER 200..Have you ????
I havn't yet but will......
34 and 38 psi are pretty low pressures. How does it handle in the turns at that pressure?

Aren't the recommended pressures (for the BT56's anyway) 42psi front and rear?

I'd be afraid of overheating the tires that low, and I really don't like the wiggly feeling of the front end if the front tire is low.
When I dialed those settings in I was worried about the tyre pressure being so low, but Ive been out on quite a few fast rides and the handling is fantastic. Ive had my knee down on many fast bends and the bike is solid. Feed back through the tyres and suspension is good and the tyres dont cook themselves at all.
Hope this helps
Tires...hmmm..stock rear 42..front..36???..didn't like 36 in
front..went to 42 ...rolls into turns sweetly..maybe not max traction but feels is a touchy subject...
if going for max traction in front maybe 36 is it..
When i raced at Sears Point..Fzr 600..we started with 30 psi
after a lap or two the heat brought the psi up..
Did you dial the settings in on the forks before you lowered the tyre pressure?. Dont foreget the stock settings for the front is a lot softer. It works very well for me.
Static sag is how much the front fork and rear shock travel when your  sitting on the bike. With you on the bike you only want to use three quarters to one inch of travel. You can start with the front forks unload the front end by levering the front forks up as far as possible so they are fully extended once they are fully extended place a zip tie around the fork flush with the seal then sit on the bike and the fork will compress with your weight pushing the zip tie down the fork tube measure the distance from the zip tie to the fork seal if it is three quarters to one inch from the seal your sag is perfect if it is further than above distance crank up preload and repeat above steps untill distance is correct. If it is less than above distance reduce compression untill desired distance is achieved remember to unload the forks each time before rechecking you adjustments. The procedure for the rear is the same just make sure you have the forks and shocks fully extended before starting and rechecking your measurements.........................Kne

Remember on the forks to adjust both sides equally make sure that each fork leg has the same number of lines showing if they are not adjusted equally the bike will handle like #### so make sure both are equally adjusted............

Ps Jmasin I run my bt56ss at 34 front 36 rear and they work great............................
My settings are all stock... hehehehe when ya come from riding a V Max its like going from a chain saw to a scalpel with the Busa!! I love this bike!!!!