Guys I really want to go into motorcycle racing but I lack funds to do so. I have no choice but to sell my beloved busa.
I have talked to people and they tell me to buy an sv650 and start racing that so thats what I'm going to do. I really need sponsors. Any help would do, it doesnt have to be big. If you know of any websites where I can search for sponsors please let me know. Ill take any suggestions you people give me.

thx peter
You get sponsors AFTER you prove yourself for a year or 2, if you are lucky. If someone just sponsored a racer with no experience and who wasn't RELATED, I would be absofookinlootly amazed. Ya gotta run the Amature stuff enough to earn a pro ride before the real sponsors come in. While amature, you pay, but the sponsors just give discounts. If you're good, you'll earn a little contingency money from "sponsors" who don't pay you up front, but you run their sticker. If you finish well, they give you anywhere from $10-250. That depends on if its a big race or not.

If ya wanna race, go for it. Just remember, it takes money. Racing is the quickest way to turn a large fortune into a small one. And never goto the track with a bike that you are not willing to walk away from at the end of the day as a total loss- because you may have to. I have pictures of one that turned into its own BBQ back in 1994.

Now, start here:

How to become a motorcycle road racer

Also, back to your original question, racer-resumes.com isn't working today, but try that. Also go here for Privateer stuff:superbike racer

Good luck. I havn't found a sponsor yet, but I'm not looking hard or expecting it either. I was 6th in points for my class in 2002. Didn't race this year (money and rules changes) but I'll be back next year in 2 classes. Also, look at trying racing with AHRMA
crash, first of all change yer nic... then go faster than everyone else, then go to your local dealer and try to get on the bus, if your on top, people will want to sponser you. better yet, make it your life long goal to beat the lap record at your local track and average lap times, that should get some attention. GOOD LUCK!
I forgot to mention, the one thing you will get "sponsor" related as soon as you get a full racing license, or maybe just provisional, depending on the business, is a racer discount at many parts suppliers. Marrietta Motorsports, just outside Atlanta does a huge mail-order business and will give a discount with proof of valid license though any licensing body. The discounts are pretty good too, but they are making a little profit - its not below cost or anything. www.marmo.com or www.1888fastlap.com . They also participate in contingency programs. Suzuki probably has the best contingency program in amature road racing too.