Skyline Drive-almost hit a bear & I don't mean highway patrol

I took a solo trip on my '04 from Pittsburgh to Shenandoah National Park the week of July 6 and rode 60+ miles of Skyline Drive. No traffic on that Monday morning but it picked up in the afternoon as I headed southbound.

Fortunately I was going only 40 mph when a black bear darted across my path from the woods on my right. I had to swerve to avoid hitting it, which wouldn't have killed it, but would have pissed it off, whereupon it would have killed me. I missed it by no more than 4 feet.

Having never seen a black bear (or any bear) in the wild before, I was amazed at how jet black and how big it was. This bear's hind end was rear view mirror high as I passed by. Did it weigh 400 lbs? The record for black bear is 800 lbs, tagged in North Carolina I believe. It was exciting.

A few miles later I saw a cub grazing on vegetation on the shoulder of the road. Too bad I didn't have a video mounted.

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