Ride in L.A. area Sun?

Big O

Physicist Genii
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I see there are a few more riders from the L.A. area on the board now, anybody want to get together this Sunday August 10th for a ride?
I DO I DO but this time you come on over here
Oh wait I have to work Sun
Can I sleep at your house on Friday and Saturday... maybe Sunday... this is tempting, nuthin' special going on here this weekend... hmmmmmmmm....?
I'd like to, but I work 9-5. If you'll be out late afternoon let me know, I can try to get off sooner. Could probably get off by 3pm. Let me know.
The Rock Store will work great as the meet place. I might make 3pm, but if not 3:30-3:40pm will work. I'll know for sure at 1:15pm today. Keep ya posted.