Polar Bear ride?

Was in the 30's this morning on the way to work with the enduro.
Loved it except I should have worn my heated gloves. Cold don't stop me.
I ride all year round as long as the ground is clear.
We almost froze to death in Dallas this past weekend - 79 degrees
I've been out riding, but the temps in Arizona have been pretty mild so far this year. However, the last few mornings have been in the low 30's but it warms up to around 55 or 60. Not Polar rides here.
I ride year round. If its below 45, I use a heated vest and gloves. I also check the weather forecast. If its going to rain, the bike stays home. If they say, less than 50% chance of precip. I take the bike. My current area is flat, but we're moving to Blue Ridge, VA in January and the temps are a little colder and the roads aren't flat.
Dude, mid 50's is it for me. Wind chill at 40 degrees and 45 MPH is about 26, exposed skin will freeze! NO WAY.
i don't fear the cold its just the sand and salt they pile on the roads i get a little nervous about.
i am out unless it is snowing or raining
bike runs great in cold weather . just gotta be careful on corners.
peeps @ work thought i was
whn i showed up on bike when it was like 27. keep in mind they dont think about windchill either
that was a cold ride in. fine except for hands. need lined gloves maybe..
I have been riding in the 30s . Wanted to ride today as it was my day off, but it rained all day. Hope we get some riding in before the snow, I know it's coming.
you can pretty much guess how cold it is....

here:winter riding techniques

I normally ride into the 30s as long as its daylight hours. Have been stuck riding in freezing weather twice...it was horrible.
45 minute interstate ride in cloudy 45 deg WI from Madison to Milwaukee-cant even think what the windchill was on me at 180....(yes, I was goin balls-out. flame away or argue my big butt/vs. cd was too high n geared too far down...I know my needle was burried. for awhile)
I wass wearing full thermal underwear under jeans, UnderArmor Thermal longsleeve under Tshirt under sent them ICON jacket with full quilted liner inside....and when I got home, my gonads were literally gone! my boys were so iced I could have donated directly to the Joy Juice clinic!
my whole body hurt for like 3 hours....after the 2hours it took me to thaw out! I dont think i moved from my couch for 5 hours....
I ride every to work every day (except rain). Wednesday it was 24 degrees, I headed out at 5am.