Piiiiiing Hawaiibusa!!!!!!


Hey Hawaii,

I watched all of the tape you sent me and all I can say is, "YOU ARE THE MAN!!" The tape was great!!! Thank you for taking time out to send me a copy... I love the beginning with you and your friends riding around the island. I was trippin' off the speedo at one point up to 175mph!!! WOW! And you were in front at that time right??? My favorite scene is the Maisto mini's poppin' wheelies at the end!!! And then of course, the wipe out... the Maisto skids into the other mini's... Oh, I also enjoyed he ensuing karate fight between you and your buddy... ha ha ha ha... had me crackin' up!!!

Great job on the tape Kent!!! And thank you again for sending me a copy. I am sooooo sorry it took me forever to watch all of it!!! The rest of the tape is pretty awesome too! But you are the star as far as I am concerned!! The roads out your way look like so much fun!! And the wheelies made look a trip from your windscreen.. All sky.... ahhhhh

Nicely done my friend..... Thanks for thinkin' of Lo and shootin' me a copy.....


Hahaha, glad you liked it. Jus me goofin around mostly. There are a couple copies floating around. Sorry I dont have time to make for everyone but if ya wanna share it others jus past it on. Aloha / Kent
No prob!!! The tape is great and anyone on the board that would like to see it, let me know and i will forward it.... but I will want it back to keep in my own private motorcycle collection!!!!

Great tape Kent!!! Thanks...

Kent is this the same one that you sent me? I am fixing to have the VHS converted over to mpeg.. I will burn ya a DVD and send it back to you...