PICTUREs piss me off


I can ride a Hayabusa for 7 years but cannot post a picture even using the instructions provided!! How do i get pictures once in upload center to the post section. I have been trying to acomplish this task for hours!! I have some neat pictures to post
The pics need ot be less than 200Kb in size. Try resizing them to 600x400. PM me if you need a hand with it.
<span style='color:blue'></span><span style='font-size:13pt;line-height:100%'>Thank you greatly, that is sorta funny, sorta...</span>
If they are uploaded here and sized properly, you can just copy the URL of the pic and post it in your thread. If they are on your desktop, make sure they are the right size and then click 'Browse' to find it and when you post it will be loaded. Size is the biggest reason that most folks are not able to post pics.