Pics of my '03


A couple of folks have asked me to post my bike pics.  I havn't taken any recently, so this is it when it was new 3 months or so ago

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At this point it had about 600 miles, a extended windscreen, bags & front sproket (1 tooth up for lower rpm on the highway).

It has since gotten a tank bra, a center stand, electrical connection for GPS/radar/MP3-CD player, mirror extenders, helibars, throttlemiester cruise control, been de-reflectored & de-stickered.

Upcoming mods will include TRE, PCIII, camel hump mod, Buell XB12 front pegs, and maybe something that you guys suggest!  As it sits now, it's ready to take me to Colorado and Sturgis (both within 36 hours) from Oregon in about 2 weeks from now!! Can't wait!

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You definitely have it set up to hit the road...And it looks very good...
Nice ride. Of course I'm biased toward silver grey though. Here's mine when it was young. This was taken at the dealer before I rode 'er for the first time... Ahhh, the early days.

Had to brag a little.... I went to a auto expo car show just to meet people and saw that there were only 7 bikes being entered. Two of the were newer sportbikes, and both were tricked out. Seeing an oppurtunity for a tshirt and an easy trophy, I entered my bike (the one I rode there and hadn't washed in a month). I got 2nd place import, mild, which means less than 5 mods (that they knew of at least).

Woo hoo. Any victory, albeit 2nd place in a contest with 5 people, is exciting to me.

Sponsered by BMW no less.... there wasn't a single BMW there, car or otherwise

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Looks great! How does the bike handle with the bags on? And I'm sure you haven't gotten many ideas for mods around here!!!!
Cross winds seem to catch it more than I planned on. I have gotten pretty low and scrapped the longer-than-stock peg feelers
(came with the center stand), but otherwise I can't tell the bags are there. The tops do get scratched up quite a bit when passangers mount and dismount. You're always aware of the added width, but when all is said and done the handeling doesn't seem much different to me. But the bike is very new to me too though, so that may play a part.