pc5 map ?


i have an 07 hayabusa with a knock off brocks full exhaust system with a bcm air filter and small air box mod. i just bought a pc5 and was looking for a map for my set up on power commander.com but i could no find one with my set up. is there a way to find someone on the forum with a map similar to mine and upload there map? any help would b appreciated!
the exhaust was on the bike when i bought it but its a pretty open flowing exhaust and i was told it was very similar to the brocks system
The maps on their site are fairly generic and 'canned' find the one closest to your setup and use it until you get it dyno tuned.
is there a way to make your own map and get it very close to a dyno tune?

You can get an Autotuner that will help dial in the afr but without real tuning exp you'd just be guessing back and forth.
A dyno is the only real way to know if its good to go hard.
so is there even a point in getting to pc5? y not just get the ecu flashed? there about the same price y do i need both?
You don't need both if you can find a good tuner that uses the ECU Editor. My understanding is that it's more time consuming to set up a fuel map on an ECU because you have to reflash everytime you make a change whereas on the PC5, you can do it on the fly...or close to it. Plus, there are a lot more tuners out there that tune the PC5.