Need help finding a website


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I remember a website that had pre-painted replacement fairings. It has been posted here several times if I remember correctly but I can't seem to find it. I have tried searching but no luck. Guess I'm not searching for the right word or phrase.

I'm looking because a buddy of mine wrecked his gixxer 1k. He is trying to repair his current plastics but it isn't looking good. The other problem is he is short of $$$ just like the rest of us. Stealership is wanting $1K for unpainted plastics. The plastics that were on the bike were Ebay specials and not very good, and he had to have them painted the first time.

The website I am looking for had several different choices to choose from of paint schemes. All were pre-painted. If I remember correctly they had about 15 choices just for the 'Busa and all from about 800 bucks.
Anybody remember the site?

The specific business you are searching for may have changed owners/ name or gone out of business. Good luck.
I know what your talking about but I do remember some complaints about the quality.???