need advice! kuryakyn iso grips pros cons?


Been thinking about getting some kuryakyn iso grips in all black for my baby sheila.just wondering how they feel. i worry about them feeling to fat when riding.i felt them before on someone elses bike and they felt wonderful but its probably different story on the road.anybody have any thoughts?
my dad has them on his Valkrie. Seem alittle fat . if you go big hands they wouldn't be bad
i've been using them on my warrior for the last 6 years and love them. in fact i just bought a busa and the stock grips felt weird, to skinny, so i am switching them out to the black kuryakyns.
Im 6'5 and have big hands and they still were too puffy for me. Gave me a feeling as if i didnt have total control of the bike. I Didnt like em and took em off.
I've had the all black on my genII for 2 YEARS and love them. Real comfy!! :thumbsup: Just my 2 cents
It is all personal preference and only you will know what works for you. I had them on my Gen II for about 6 months before going to a thinner gel style grip.
Looks like every thread switches between pro and con. You'll just have to decide for yourself I guess.

I had a set on a Sportster several years ago. They lasted about 1 week. I hated them. I went back to skinny stock grips. I do mosly touring and distance riding. My hands get fatigued much faster with fat grips, especially if I'm wearing winter weight gloves.
Yeah every seems split and making good points.iguess i will just have to try them out thank you guys very much