MotoGP Indianapolis 2013 - Ride through downtown..

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MotoGP Indianapolis 2013 - Ride through downtown..

I shot this video to show what it's like to ride through downtown Indianapolis During MotoGp in 2013. This ride took place on a Friday night before the sun was setting. Saturday's are even packed with more motorcycles. This shows what a great atmosphere this event brings to our city of Indianapolis. Thousands of bikes all lined up in a small section of downtown blocked off for our use. As the sun sets there are night clubs, outdoor & indoor parties as well as stunt shows, ect. The fellowship at these events are great for all riders involved.


Indianapolis 2013 - Ride through downtown.. - YouTube[/url]
It's amazing how the whole area embraces this race weekend! I was very impressed. :thumbsup:
It's a huge buzz and the city and folks out in Austin should take some notes on how Indy does it.
Wow, what a pretty downtown area. Love the brick streets. Everything looks clean and nice. We have some areas of Minneapolis that are like that. I have to get to Indianapolis one of these days. Thanks for the video.