Memorial Day Ride

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Thanks Kent! Your Topic about what and where are you going to ride made me want to get out for a ride. And I still got home in time to get to the party with the hockey team!

I decided to take the trek up to Angeles Crest (twist my arm!) Met a cool dude at Newcombe's Ranch with a 600 something and we checked out the bikes:
25 secs, ok...
After you've seen GSXR 750, GSXR 750, R1, R1, R1, GSXR 750, it gets a little old for me so I like to see the really OLDE bikes like this Triumph:
me and the 600 guy went up to the tunnels (Marc,Lo,Jester, and Doc know where) and for some reason, a guy on a Harley couldn't see the signs that say Road Closed 1000 Feet and slammed into the gate (with his passenger) she was ok (limping) but he had to be taken away by helicopter. Notice how far way the waiting bike is parked. The gate is still 30 yards to the left of the pic. We couldn't figure out how this guy didn't see the road was closed.
Off they go. We didn't know his condition but they weren't in a big hurry so hopefully he's ok.
(a little note:) There was a GSXR 750 parked in the lot and when the helicopter landed, it blew the bike over onto it's side. The guy and his girl had gone hiking. Imagine what he's going to think when he comes back and finds his bike on it's side. I was holding onto my helmet when I took this pic:
Sandblasted the cars.

To sum it all up, thanks Kent, I wouldn't have gone out on a busy Memorial Day weekend if it weren't for your post. I saw one CHP (at the accident site) and got to rip it up the rest of the day, twisties, sweepers, met a new friend...

It's good to see Busa owners out having fun. I hope the Harley rider is ok.
Allright Owen! Thanx for the props. I too had one of the finest rides ever. It was just amazing and hardly any traffic. I left the house about 7:30 am, had a cup o joe at the local cafe ( awesome coffee there, will make your ears ring ) headed up hwy 32 to Lake Almanor. Stopped to get batteries for the radar and got 2 free and a hug from a lady in a big RV... husband was a crack up. Headed out I think what was part of 89 and hooked back into 70, what a honey of a ride! Didnt stop to take that many pics like last time but what a hoot. I kept seeing beautiful mts, rivers, lakes ... parts I was cruising and sight seeing others I was twistin the wrist. I saw a bunch of cruisers in a little town by Almanor but I didnt stop, I saw a few chp but never when I was hittin the throttle. The last 10 mile twistie stretch comin out of the canyon is one of the funnest. I was behind an R1 and kept waiting for him to pass the 4 or 5 cars in front of us but he wouldnt sooooo I did. About 20 minutes later I'm having a cold one at the top of the rdige and he cruises by, still behind the traffic, I waved - he just looked at me... oh well. This definately one of my top 5 rides. I was hoping to hear from some of my nor cal or Nev busa buddies, next time guyz.

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Owen I forgot to say how much I liked the vintage bikes above.

another shot :

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I forgot to check odometer but I think I did about 150 -200 miles, gas light came on just as I got into my town.
Got home about 1pm swapped gear for t-shirt & shorts and did a slow ride out to the Sac river to watch the local kids jump in the annual tube ride, then back to my place for a holiday BBQ. FUN!!!!

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Went on a ride through the Texas Hill Country.
Had a blast.
Also saw a helicopter lift off. Unfortunitely it was caring for a rider.

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Thanks all for posting pics..I am jealous..have had good time to pleasure ride though...Moving from one house to another.....Hope all is done by June 15...Then the Laguna ride..Ps ...welcome "new" members..we love it here.
Thanks Captain..Give me some more time to buy shirts...