Losing the map


If you remap your Busa, how or will it ever lose that map. I've heard if you have to get a new battery or unhook the battery, you'll loose it?
you can only lose it if the PC loses it but you should have a back up on floppy.
disconnceting battery would NOT do it
Thanks fellas. I was told that by someone who does them, but I was told different also, so just looking for opinions.
You basically lose power everytime you shut off they key.

This is slightly unrelated, but I used to make some nice power modules so that one could remove the PC from the bike and program it (like if you don't have a 50 ft cable to run from the computer to the garage). I could start that up again if anyone wanted it. Basically it's just power to pins 1 and 5 on the PCII, I don't know about the PCIII yet, but I'm sure I could find out.