Loomis Home Safe


Papa Smurf
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Made it back Home Safe, My brother and I, Peter also had a GREAT time as Usually. Had great rides with everybody. NO incidences with my group or at the Bash A++ for everybody. Will post some Pics soon, just swamped at work. Booked Cottage 201 with Mrs Reba in the Spring can't wait...
Steve and Jon..now and forever know as: The Brothers Loomi..:laugh:
Great seeing you guys again!
A pic of the Loomi Brothers ...

Houdini, Jon, Tom and Steve

Good guys...for Yankees fans!
Glad y'all got home safe.
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Houdini!! :rofl: :rofl: :laugh: :laugh:

Glad you are all safe back at the homestead! Was fun riding with ya and look forward to doing it again.
Sorry we didn't get a chance to ride together, hopefully next fall. It was good to talk to you guys.
Hey, it was good to meet you guys Loomis. I'll definitely be back for the spring bash - hopelully we can all hook up for a ride.
Really appreciate the package delivery...helped me and Brian a ton!:thumbsup: