Lights, a difference?


Ok, this is probably more than a  :newbie:  question, but the electrical system is not what I know.
So here goes.

I am looking to change from original front and rear lenses to clear lenses, and modify the back undertail and back blinkers, maybe incorporate them under the tail light.

So here is the question :sad:

What is the difference (or what are) LED lights and titanium lights, and why would I want one over the other or why do I want them over stock.

If I do change the front lenses to clear, which should I use.

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LED's are light emiting diodes.   A semiconductor (only will allow current to flow in one direction) that's supposed to be very vibration resisatant, low current draw, and the new fashion craze.
Not to mention prohibitivly expensive for a teacher's salary! :cussing:

Here it goes I think..

LED's are those tiny little "idot" lights on your computer that glow more than light up, such as the one on your monitor power button.

In a tight configuration like tail lights, and depending on the "BRIGHTNESS" or lumens of the lights themselves, LED's are more intense in brightness than a regular motorcycle light bulb. If you move up to higher wattage regular bulbs to get more light you usually fry the wires/plugs.

Superbright LED's use 1/3 the power of one regular light bulb thus less pull on the bikes power drain. Just a good idea to use.

Clear lenses are a cosmetic thang.

Titanium bulbs, I think your referring to these.

They are "chromed" looking so they blend better behind clear lenses, however they are just regular bulbs that shine a particular color say amber. It looks better to see a chrome bulb in a clear housing with a chrome reflector in the background then a yellow or red bulb in the same spot.

CLEAR LED's will do the same thing and use less power to do it.

NOTE: LED's will blink faster because they have a different power pull than bulbs. That can be controlled as well. LED's last longer toooooooo!

my .02 cents.

If you decide on doing the rear section. I would suggest an undertail looks better. I can hook you up with the LED's.

do a search on undertails. I posted the complete list available for the busa.

Like icamann says the led's will blink faster since there is very little resistance through them. But I found the two wires that controll the signals. They are in the front relay box, just pull the two wires out of the relay crimp some spade connectors on and buy a relay from autozone and bammm thats it. Very simple and not many people take the time to do it.

Gotta give some cheddar to Johnnycheese for this bit of help,

It is the orange with green tracer wire and the light blue one. :drink:
Hey, thanks guys.
Thanks Iceman for all the good info, this really helps.

I really want to get an undertail, but that will be down the road a bit. Right now I am just going to cut the fender off and put on some short stalk turn signals, and maybe change to the clear tail lens and front clear turn signal covers :D

Again thanks

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