Laurinburg/Maxon Land Speed Racing


October 25th & 26th is the last weekend to Landspeed race this year. Laurinburg, NC.....I'll be there.

Anyone else going???
It's so cheap, I can't justify not going. Less than $200 for the weekend you get to make as many trips down the track as you can.

WoooooHooooooooo Baby, I'm goin racin :D
Sounds like fun! Is the track a 1/8 or 1/4? Haven't been there before, but just went to an all nighter at the Fay. Spdwy, and that's a nice track, and it's home for me also. What time does the track open?
Chris and NC Busa what time does it start thats my neck of the woods as well. I may not be able to make it, but i'ld love to get my hands on the schedule for next year

The track is 1 mile long. It is a standing start for top speed only. One rider on the track at a time. You will have to attend rookie orientation first thing Saturday morning if you haven't been there before.

Cost should be about $25 for a membership and $125 to run on the track.

Check out the website for schedules East Coast Timing Association

Also, you will have to go through 'tech' to make sure your bike is approved. This will include removing liscense plate, rear turn signals, safety wire four front tire axle bolts, oil drain bolt, oil fill plug, and oil filter (use a hose clamp around the filter and safety wire to that). You may or may not have to tape your lights. I think a dead man switch is required also. For any bike that can run over 175MPH must have a steering damper (stock on busa).

I made 13 runs last year but I wasn't at the track the whole time. I probably could have made over 20.

Hope to see you there, let me know if you need anything else.

O.K., I was looking for info on the ecta earlier this year and last year, but could not find anything. I've known about the ecta for a while, but I thought it had dissolved or something. Glad to know its still up and running. I can't make the runs this weekend, but I will sometime next year. Thanks for the info. Time to go expolre their site!
It looks like we will have perfect weather this coming weekend. Partly cloudy with highs in the low 70s.

I feel a record run coming on.:cool: