Kevin Vman1300 10 Year Memorial Ride


I am hesitant to ask, as i dont want to open old wounds, could i have the back story on this a little bit? I know the search function probably would work, but i would guess im not the only one who would love to hear about this young man.

Ok so i did use the search afterall...i will drop this here..

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You're not opening any old wounds. My Brother was a wonderful person who Lived a Great Life in the Service of God. It was His time to be called Home. I am just Very Blessed to have been apart of His Life. As I am sure many Others were. We Celebrate His Life for We know He is in A Far Better Place.
Of the few that engaged me when I joined the Org was Kevin, he gave me TONS of advice about riding, gear, name it, he really was a humble, sweet, honest and friendly guy. The Komodo suit I still wear was one I bought that he recommended and it saved my skin at least 1 time. I don't think theres a person on the Org from back when that wasn't touched by Kevin. When Gixxerhp called me to tell be about this ride, I did not hesitate to say I would be there. I remember Kevin, fondly and echo his loss to this day. God bless you and thank you for being a friend to ME when I needed one Kevin. I will be there, bike or no bike.


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Ill be there.. never met him as i started going in 2009.. but i have seen the effect that he had on the friends i have made.

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