I've got mechanics hands again and I'm lovin' it.


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Did an oil change and tune on my Big Dog last night.It feels great to have cuts and scrapes and grease under my finger nails again.

Forgot how satisfying it is to wrench your own ride.

On a side note,I sold my mini monster truck.Will be looking for something else this weekend.

Hey Revlis,almost bought a BMW 325ic. Tottally NOT me,but a cool car none the less.




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Glad to see you having "fun" again. How are you liking the Big Dog? I seriously want a cruiser now, and Harley vs. Big Dog comes to mind. I love to convenience of hard bags on a Harley, but the big azz motor on the big dog is pretty attractive.


There's nothing like working on your own stuff and, hours later, looking down at your hands and saying, "How the F@#% did I cut myself that badly and not notice?" Grease makes a good Band-Aid

How was that Ranger off road? Did you have anything done to it besides the lift and the tires?

I've been thinking about picking up an off road toy and it's going to come down to a choice between:
Baja style Bug
Old Jeep with a small block swap
Small cab pickup

I think the big extended cab pickups look ridiculous with off road setups, some of them are so long that they almost look like they're sagging in the middle, but I'd want something with a V8 and some good stump pulling torque.
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