In This Short Video Are Some Of My Best Memories


Dis in my way!
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It's hard to summarize the relationships that I have built with people over the years from meeting other riders from I ran across a few videos today and just smiled and decided that I needed to post them up for memories sake..

LIfe has gotten a little more hectic but I think about you guys and gals every day.. In this short video some of my favorite people in my life are displayed, some are still with us walking and talking and some have passed on. I am a better person for having known you all.




Peace Keeper or Ban Hammer-it's up to you; IDMBT#9
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That's funny right there!


oRg Gal
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Funniest part of all of the gang when we try to get the "group shot" - watching the immense effort it takes to coordinate lining up Busas :director::banghead::easy::dunno::cursin::cussing:

You see Juli and I up on the hill, just laughing at the men, right? :goodboy:
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