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I had trouble with my olde computer and got fed up with trying to fix it for 4 days and scrapped it for a new one.

A Sony VAIO RS420
Intel Pentium 4 (I'm typing this off the side of the box)
120 GB Hard drive
512 MB PC-2700 DDR (whatever that is)
DVD and CD with DVD + -
ATI Radeon 9200 graphics card
Picture Gear Studio
Sonic Stage etc.etc.

I'll post pics later,
I forgot to eat again so I'll be back later.
Windows XP
sounds like a good machine. When I bought my laptop I wish I had spent just a little more money. It works great but I've just about got it maxed out with vids and pics. :tounge:
********* If you are accessing the internet from anything better than dial-up, you NEED a firewall and an updated Virus Scanner.

I can help w/ those, email me....

OBTW - I have a "bandwidth" tester on my web site!Coastal Computer Care

I have Norton Anti-Virus and Norton Internet Scanner, is that good enough?
hey there Genii......how the hell ya been old man?:super:
Sled, Genii!, I've been here and riding all over the place, I have 35k miles on my baby now and she'll be two on Halloween. I got some more Ethan Allen furniture and some plants in the house so it's looking less like a bachelor's pad. Still no girlfriend though, not with these work hours. The castle needs a queen.
bout time ya got some furnishings!! :) Ya got me WAAAY beat on the mileage. Already getting cold up here so I'll be putting the baby away pretty soon.....bummer! You should make a trip up here this winter and go snowmobiling with me.
Now the next thing I have to do is get a camera mount and take some vids for the board. I have all this video editing stuff on this computer, I have to try it out.
Why not take some cool pictures in Vegas this weekend? What up? It's your turn to come over here!

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