If your a parent

We need to hear more stories like these. In a cynical age where we think we know it all and nothing surprises us anymore, this elevates the human soul and celebrates life.  

Thank you for sharing this story with us. It is real and beautiful.


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Amazing love for his son. i could only hope to have half this mans drive for his child.

Truly amazing.


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That brought tears to my eyes! I will share that with everyone I know as it touched me deeply. The love, oh the love. The last thing that made me cry like that was my own father's death! I am going to hug my kids right now!


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Even though Im not a father, I have a tear in my eye. Im saving this video forever and pass it on. I would love to send it to my father who left me (hearing impaired) when I was about 3 but I dont think it matters. He's totally brain dead, in my opinion. Thanks for a sacred video.


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You know they say that no one can love their child like a mother loves (and I respect that), but I beg to differ.....I've been a single dad raising two gifts from God for nine years until I remarried in '05, but no one could ever convince me that I don't love like a mother loves too...




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there is no denying the love and inspiration that this video wells up in all of us...lets just hope the what if never happens and remember it when they do the things that so make us angry...and remember...to imagine

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