I was hoping our elected officials could find something more important


Dis in my way!
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I really have hopes that our elected officials can find something that is really important to work on. While I am one of the biggest college football fans to ever walk the earth the BCS just shouldn't rank up on the list of things for the gov to work on......

BCS is a political football in 2009
I'm sure it's way down on his list, but worth looking at anyway :). You're just afraid that my Trojans are going to clean the clocks of the Sooners again :lol:
:unclesam: oh well, I voted, didn't work out the way I wanted it, but looking on the bright side; since I've worked my way in to being poor maybe I'll get some of that redistributed wealth.

While at first glance it does seem ludicrous. However, upon closer inspection, the business of college football is significant and it does seem that any given team could be unfairly given an advantage or disadvantage in the current system.

That said, this does seem like an issue for the teams/schools to address, not the Federal Gov't. All it would take is for all of the disadvantaged teams to refuse to play against the advantaged teams. I'll bet the system could be revised/replaced in about 3 seconds if that happened.
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Lets see :whistle:, TWO Wars, the Economy in the DUMPS, Hamas/Israel conflict which now is spreading to the Lebanon border, Russia has turn off the natural gas pipe line to Europe (where they get 20% of their gas) to teach the Ukraine to NOT be so friendly to the West (Shades of Georgia :down:). And THESE guys put COLLEGE FOOTBALL Scoring as an Important Issue::11. No wonder we're in the Tank with these Idiots :stoopid: