I think Sherry and I have the whole place to ourselves


Never Forgotten
For a little while:)

Don, take your lawnchair down on the end by the Coke machine and save a place to park the busa hospital so I can hook up to the power! :laugh: See you Friday.
Leaving today weather permitting... But heading down to Hot Springs then back up to Eureka Springs on Thursday. Won't be lonely for long... :poke:
Take a pic at the same time tomorrow and Thursday so we can see the difference. :whistle:
Woohoo, I'm here...let the fun begin :laugh:
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Hey, Save the VIP spot for Hal ;) ... Have fun riders, hope to see some pics. Hi Hal,:laugh: I asked them to save the VIP spot for ya..:laugh::laugh: Be safe. much love to u all...:cheerleader: