I put some Yoshimura TRS mufflers on...


I just put some Yoshimura TRS mufflers on and am VERY pleased with the sound levels and the results. I also installed a Power Commander and used the appropriate MAP with the setup that I have. My only real gripe is that on the first start in the morning it seems to run a lot richer than when I had the stock canisters on. Once it warms up?...Whoa Nelly!! A fellow rider said it's due to the lack of backpressure that was there before that makes it run richer when it's first started. This makes sense, but I wanted some expert opinions on this please.

Thanks! :D


I don't believe it is the mufflers changing the fuel/air mixture as much as the addition of a PC w/ a canned map. Just because it is bike/equipment specific doesn't mean it is optimal for your application. Get it to a reputable tuner w/ a dyno and make it so. :thumbsup:


I put 4oz of Sea Foam in with a full tank today and rode 126 miles. After about 30/35 miles it seemed like a switch went off and my bike came alive like I had poked a sleeping wolf....WOW! I have to say I was a bit on the skeptical side about using Sea Foam, but I have to say in all honesty it DOES WORK!
I didn't adjust the Power Commander and from the way it responds now, I don't think I'm going to! :D

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