I got a new bike today.


Today I picked up a 2005 GSXR 1000 for my everyday streetbike. The busa has been relegated to my extreme fun bike now and this is it's worthy garage mate. It only had 1670 miles on it and is mostly stock. Has Galfer SS lines and Pirelli Diable Supercorsa's. I am in love with the gear indicator and the power is AWESOME. I was already doing 2nd gear wheelies within 3 miles of ownership! Sorry about the dark pics, but I just got home with it and it's dark out.

1670 miles on an 05? You rock!! That looks like fun. I'm still TRACKing my busa, trying to hold off.... but hmmmm........ good deal for you, man! Looks great!
Very nice, great power in the 1k, If you ever need some garage space to store some of your bikes, let me know!!
A very sweet looking ride! Yellow looks great with a little carbon fiber!
(Jet Li @ Jul. 25 2007,05:28) Congrats, now go build an add on to your garage
You're telling me! I still have to sell one more fourwheeler and then it won't be so bad. I'm thinking about letting the Escalade sit out in the rain so I can space the bikes out (yeah, not really
(Rayabusa0818 @ Jul. 25 2007,00:15) I rode a friend's 1K for the first time Sunday...they are sweet
I really love the 03/04 body style more, but I couldn't find a decent used one with lower miles. They are sweet though.