I cannot for the life of me figure out what ecu this is and how to tune it!

My sand car doesn't want to run real well right off idle and so I plan to tune this ecu to fine tune the power. Only problem is I'm not sure what program or equipment I need as far as connections and software. Any help would be much appreciated.


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1. download the ECU Editor software: ecueditor.com - The Ultimate Engine Tuning Software for Hayabusa, GSX-R and B-King Motorcycles

2. buy a flashing interface/harness: ECU Flashing Interface for ecueditor.com Sotfware

3. connect and flash away (provided you know what you're doing)

The ecueditor.com software allows you to unlock these feature and get the full potential out of your ECU.
Tune and adjust fuel maps (IAP and TPS)
Set RPM limiters and remove top speed limiters
Autotune with data logging to laptop
Tune and adjust the ignition maps
Quickshifter and autoshifting
Turbo fueling and boost control module
Nitrous mapping with ramp up timer and solenoid control
Disable Stock O2 sensor and closed loop functionality
Disable PAIR valve (air bleed into exhaust)
Adjustable Traction Control (slew rate RPM limiter)
Adjustable Launch Control (2 stage RPM limiter)
Programmable launch and shift light
Numerous other advanced tweaks and mods for the serious race bike setup
One sticker says

"QC Inspected. Y_MN. Date 10-6-09"

Seconds sticker says

"PNn 50-029 SN202"

A quick google search did nothing for me on either sticker. Anyone seen this box before?







Efi technology. It's basically the x2 with an extra 9pin serial connector for programming. Now the biggest predicament... haha they said their software is $1500 which they will sell to me at half price! Awesome!!! Not.... So $750 on a computer program do you think any other software would work with this computer? Anyone have experience with this or possibly a copy of the software =\
think I HAVE same ecu ! my ecu has apex speed label on it but part number pn-50-029-sn73 !!contacted neel at apex speed and he told me he knows nothing about ecu and was not working there when it was made. i read apex speed forum hes giving others advice about same ecu and even help some tune there bikes!!! what kind of company sells ecu for $1800 and refuses to give or sale software to a customer!anyway found more info on ecu that told me efi tech built software and maybe whole ecu!! so i called efi tech and they told me that they could sell software to me for $1500!!! IF ANYBODY CAN HELP ME FIND ,PLEASE HELP ME FIND SOFTWARE FOR HAYABUSA APEX SPEED ECU


Did ya'll not see what kromdom posted? Throw that chit in the trash and run your setup through the ecu editor program. That is a ridiculous amount of money 4 sum junk nobody uses :banghead: There's a reason why nobody recognizes it.....because nobody is running that crap :rulez:
no boost ref.. on 02-07 oem ecu!only tune with tps and rpm thats what i was told. thats why was trying to use apex ecu standalone .tuner said he cant tune with just 02-07 oem ecu on turbo busa with 1 to1 fuel reg.also said i would have to buy stand alone. another tuner said i could buy piggy back controller and he could tune it. any suggestions?
Contact Scott Horner of Heads up performance. If I recall, he used to have one of these. I'm not sure what it is that you want to change in teh ecu, but he may be able to help you out.

I coudl be completely off base with this of course and he may not even know what it is :-)

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