Howlin's Clog Dance Revealed!!!!

ok, who had that video camara last year and didnt tell me about this footage!!!!! That is some funny stuff man. Looks like something I would do!!! Same song and all!! Now all I need is the leathers.

I love it
Marc was waaaay better than that!

For those who weren't there...
We had aride in Aug of 2002that included Marc, Lo, Doc Jester Lo's sister Dawnie and myself. We were walking through the parking lot after dinner and more than a few Three mile Islands when Marc broke out into a song and dance thinking it would keep Jester from being homesick for Texas. It was soo good we were in awe, it was the kind of song and dance that had to be practiced over and over.
Impressive and hilarious at the same time.
I could have sworn that was Marc in the yellow and Big O coming in to bust-it-up in the black... that was a fun run! The video reminded me of that time back in Cali.
Funny, Funny and more FUNIE!

I have reservations for the upcoming clog dancing school at Laguna 04.
Yeah, this is a classic here on!