How to route a 1:1 FPR and a 6:1 RRFPR, Begi/Holley RRPFPR/Vortech/Aeromotive?


Is this the proper way to route a 1:1 and a 6:1 for a stage one kit?

I'd prefer a base FPR (aeromotive) and a separate 6:1 (vortech) instead of the Begi units.


I saw that holley makes a 4:1 baseline adjustable RRFPR, but I couldn't find shims / plates to make it 6:1.. Anyone know if it's possible to recalibrate it?

RPM claims that they no longer use the Begis, and it's a "much better" Holley FPR-- But I can't find anything that looks compatible online

During research, I found this.. but can't seem to find it actually for sale anywhere. Looks very interesting:

Synapse Engineering SC004 Fuel Pressure Regulator - Universal Model : LLC - America's Source for High quality turbo boost controllers, silicone hose, and more performance products - 877-836-6155- precision boost control. Turbosmar

Synapse Engineering's Synchronic Fuel Pressure Regulator eliminates the need for a conventional diaphragm and uses an aluminum piston and aerospace seals.

Universal Model with threaded -8 inlets and -6 return fittings with an offset fuel passage for maximum flow.
Dedicated 1:1 rising rate ratio
Built-in 1:1 to 12:1 FMU at 1/5 the size
Adjustable static fuel pressure from 16 to 100 psi
Flow adjustable return fittings
Gas, Alcohol, and Methanol compatible
Ratio adjustable
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Just get the new begi or Rcc units , 12:1 is too much, and the vortec and extra regulator unnessarily complicated in the tight fit of a bike ,
Yeah, been looking at the RCC. Anyone know who actually makes it?

It looks exactly like a Begi-- just no cnc'd name on the top: