Happy Fathers Day!


ok, ok...just a wee bit Irish...
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Well just a shout to all the Fathers here!

Have a great Day! :cheerleader::cheerleader:


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Today has been fantastic for me so far! Hope it is the same for all of you!!!


Jumps from perfectly good Airplanes
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I got breakfast served (Eggs, Sausage, Biscuits etc.) then we went over to the hanger, watched my daughter shoot at (not hit) clay pigeons with my Dad, then rode up and down the runway on 4-wheeler and go-cart; went home parents came over and we had steak for dinner. Ended day with my daughter falling asleep in my arms. Couldn't ask for a better Daddy's day :)




Jumps from perfectly good Airplanes
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btw, the shotgun pic is posed (there's no ammo in that shotgun while my wife is in front of it taking the picture)....
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