Happy Birthday Thinker62!

Happy Bday ya old fart
Happy birthday thinker!
Sorry I didn't get ya anything

But if your a nice boy. Maybe I'll do something special!
Hehe. Enjoy, Have fun, And BE safe!
Thinker, did I read correctly in another post that you are a Devil Dog?
Since I am not 100% sure what a Devil Dog is, I doubt if I am one. Is that a college team name or a Frat?

Thanks guys. Not doing anything too special...going out to dinner.
if i would have known we could have hit the Dolphin Club on Mcgoughlin
We can always do a pos celebration. I'm up for it.
i must say , they dont compare to the Rolex in Miami or Magic City or Nikki 123 in Atl. but whos complaining
Devil Dog = Marine...

maybe it was howling mad, I saw someone post they were in the Marines.. can't remember who it was,
Happy Birthday there my good friend. Hope the years are as pleasant to you as they are to LoBusa. Now, I'm not gonna go there and compare you to Lo, but you've got to admit, that lady has got it goin' on. I would be #### if I lived in Cali.

Anyway, have a good time. Don't drink and drive. And never...ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever...ride naked on the Busa.

Brian :afro: