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Anyone know where I can find GPS mounts for the Busa, and an additional electrical option to go with it, like a cigarrette lighter switch - so I can run off of the bikes battery, rather than "AA" on the GPS???

The Oracle

what kind of GPS?

here is my setup:

And, you could prolly run the wiring through the stem stand to make it nice and clean.

Good-luck, and post pics when you find a solution,


I'm running a garmin gps v and i have it hardwired to the battery. I would recommend against running a cigarette adapter.. they're probably the worst electrical connection you could ever get. And be careful running batteries in it due to the vibration which can cause them to leak and damage your receiver. If you have to run batteries, tape them together with some duct tape (lengthwise of course) to keep them in contact with one another during riding.

I used a length of threaded rod through with washers (stainless and rubber to dampen the vibration), then put a RAM mount on top of it. Works great. If you go to and look about halfway down, you'll see my GPS V mounted on my 'busa.
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