gearbox prblems



Y2K model ridden to the max but only after run in. 210 best seen on clock so far but problem only when hard on the gas especially powering out of left handers. Bike back at dealers will see what they come up with thanks for reply Tim.


bought new busa march 1st 1200miles later jumps out of 5th and false neutrals between 4th 5th & 6th any one else had same?


Thought I'd give an up date on gearbox contacted motorcycle city today they have finally got the box in bits and it looks as if it's done 100,000 miles whole box is shagged. There dosent seem to be any explaination why it's happened now waiting for suzuki to send new parts.


Hi Numb Nuts Suzuki GB will finally have the last parts in on tuseday 25th April if all goes well I will be back on the road for the weekend. Both Motorcycle City & Suzuki have no idea to what caused the failure so every component will have been changed when the bike comes back so I will just have to wait & see. Once I get her back & have given her a good spanking for a couple of thousand miles I'll letyou all know the results. What has pissed me off so much is that it has taken 7 weeks to sort this out but Suzuki GB have promised me a nice busa jacket as a goodwill gesjure so watch this space. Tim.
7 weeks??
I tell you what, thats not on really is it eh??

I'm still waiting for waranty stuff on my bike, agreed on by the dealer when I purchased, (scratched tank, fairing,headlight, flaky exhaust paint etc) am going to ring AGAIN today and find out what the problem is. They had it for 4 days about month back and replaced misty headlight with a cracked one!! and thats all they did in 4 days........I reckon these Suzuki techs like coffee too much!!

Glad your bike is being fixed...Stay safe
Sh*T that is too long We only keep bikes if the customer wants us to or we have to (recall)or saftey reasons.
It truely is sad to here some of these cases.
I always tell customers any ANY ANY question you have or problem call us come by this is or job.And I really think that there are some Dealers out there that feel the same way.Just sometimes you do need to stay on top of things.A daliy call does not hurt.
If parts are on Back order most of the time they can tell you when they will be in.


Hi out there,
I've just got back from another visit to Motorcycle City and the news is that all parts are now in but they wont have bike back together until mid next week. Good news is Suzuki GB are giving me a cool busa jacket as an apology for the delay getting the parts. But it amazes me just how laid back City are about getting the work done, when I first asked when my bike would be fixed on tuseday this week I was told that the tech doing the job was going on holiday and I would have to wait till he got back in 2 weeks. Only after I complained to the manager was this changed still City have lost my custom from now and all future services will be done by another Suzuki dealer, we can only prove a point with our feet. Tim.
Please, Please, Please tell me you are not going to Carnell

The amount of times I have had to complain....I think me & the M.D. are getting to be good pen pals!!

my waranty work still not done, was left on hold Thursday for 30mins (thought I would just see how long!!) and they still didn't pick up. So I rang on different phone at same time!! That confused 'em!

I still haven't found a dealer who I trust to work on my HappyBus that is not such a HappyBus at the moment, The chap on the general discusion board talking about dealers is so right on the mark. (I've just looked it was Jamie under 'why do we not like taking our bikes...')

JohnnyCheese, fancy a transatlantic relocation??????? I am sure we could make it worth your while, I know of 5 Happy's in the area, plus Tim, there must be more.......start your business over here!!

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NumbNuts thanks for the offer but I turn down working for Kaw.of Euorpe and I would most likely spend most of my days over there going to races and not working.
I am sure there is a Suzuki of Euorpe or U.K. that you can call and make a complaint but I beleive your problem is not a Warranty issue as much as a dealer has damaged your bike and Suzuki does not warranty that.It might be crate damage I don't know for sure only the dealer does.I would still call, then write them. It can not hurt.If all else fails go to the dealer and have a "friendly"
chat with the manager.


I've heard of folks having the false neutral 'tween 5th and 6th, haven't heard of jumping out of 5th---you're scaring me!!!


Hi everybody,

Deep joy I have finally got my busa back 7 weeks & 5 days from taking it in to Motorcycle City, the good news is the box now seems as slick as a very slick thing. There are no false neutrals and no amount of throttle abuse seems to cause any problems in any gear. The bad news is on the way to take back the loan bike a dip **** in a 4x4 cherokee jeep took me out on a roundabout and I now have a fractured right knee joint just my luck. But it should be ok in time for my tour of spain at the end of June, thanks to all for the intrest shown in my problem and if there are any new developments I will let you all know.

Best Regards to all
Sorry to hear of the knee problem. If you think your bike needs running, just to keep it ticking over let me know!!!!

Otherwise, I could keep driving past your window on mine, might make it heal quicker!!

Chin up, hot weather has only just started............
Will dig it out for you

Where does your Busa roost?
You say south coast. I was born In Dorset, know that pretty well, and my Gran lives in Southampton, so I know that pretty well. Grew up on Exmoor & Somerset, know that exceedingly well, moved to Bedfordshire 6 yrs ago, getting to know it well!!!!!
We must all meet up.........Brit-Bussa's!
Ride safe, keep that knee moving (any excuse for a knees-up eh?? ha ha)



Hi again
Just got back from the doc and knee is healing well I'm riding busa but can only manage short squirts as knee hurts. The good thing is that each time I ride it gets a bit less painful and not so stiff. As I've got 4 weeks off I've ordered some nice bits for my baby Micron system, BMC filter, Double Bubble screen and rear undertray. Then it's off to Stan Stevens for a remap gonna run her on the dyno this saturday to see what she got standard then do a comparison when all tricked up. Hey Numb Nuts when you gonna send in the map for that cool road ? We got some real corkers down here on the south coast I'll sort out a map for them.
catch you all later.


Hi Numb Nuts.
I'm a portsmouth boy these days but hail from west sussex originally perhaps we could get a few busa abusers to Box Hill one sunday or Chelsea bridge on a friday evening. If there's another venue you fancy let me know "have busa will travel" it would be a good crack to get all the UK busa members in one place for a day perhaps over the bank holiday perhaps post a note on the general board and see what response we get.

Keep shreddin them tyres.

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