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Up for sale is my 2003 Suzuki Haybusa. Currently has approx. 18k miles on it. It is mostly stock except for a few things: Dual Yoshimura Slip ons, New Pirelli Diablo Rear Tire w/ less than 500 miles very sticky tire, Airbox Mod, LED Clear Brake Light, Gearing changes ( 16/43 combo), TRE-Timing Retard Eliminator, Barnett Clutch Springs w/ slave cylinder brace, 6k HID Low Beam Headlight (comes with spare HID Kit), Haybusa Konji Reservoir Caps. The bike runs and drives great. It's getting to the point where it could use a new chain, for this one is a little stretched out. The bike does have a few scratches from being dropped by the previous owner (will picture).

Do NOT expect to just come and test ride the bike. If you have cash in hand then we can arrange a ride, but there are way to many liabilities with letting someone on this bike as you all may know. Looking to get $6k out of the bike. Text me at Six3Six-Two9Nine- Zero1Four8 with any questions. My location is in Mountain Home, Idaho. 83648. Shipping arrangements can be made, but buyer is responsible for shipping charges.

Pictures were too large to process so here is a link to the craigslist posting.

2003 Suzuki Hayabusa
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