eliminating IAT, air pressure, coolant temp sensors

Discussion in 'Racing Technical' started by aaronxs400, May 2, 2011.

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    i need some info, maybe one of you can help. i need to eliminate the IAT, atmospheric pressure, and coolant temp sensors. the reason for this is i want to "set the values" so the ecu doesnt try to compensate for this. guys who do this are claiming that before they do it, the hayabusa is up to a tenth of a second inconsistent, and aftewards it will run the same number time after time and make it easier to predict when your choosing a dial in. i know that with the IAT i need just a simple resistor but the coolant temp and air pressure sensors they are 3 wires and im not sure how to do it, id be willing to pay someone for the knowledge on how to do this.


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