Custom map


I just put a muzzy exhaust and power commander (stock map)on my 2000 Busa...along with the pair removal. Would the air box mod be worth doing without getting a custom map? Thanks all...
I'm not sure, but I think the map may have to be changed to account for any engine mods. If you really want to know, just PM Johnnycheese...
just pick one off the PC disc that closely resembles your mods
Can you do the airbox mod with out a pc though? I was considering doing it but didn't know if I needed to wait until i get the PC. I wasen't planning on getting a pc until I got exhaust.
That i dont know about cause i want to do it but i heard u lose low end accels
yea Ive heard the same. I was going to get exhaust this week but wife wants to get things for the house. so I'm just going to do some minor mods. Like DB screen, might drop one tooth in front, clear front lenses, tank bra, SS brake lines and new brakes and a Speedo healer
damn man for all that you could have gotten an exhaust
Nah the exaust I want it the fll Ti akro and also a PC. I can get them both for about $1700. Parts that I listed cost about $1000 with the parts I forgot to put down that I'm also getting, 2 VR-1 helmets and a comm system. I have searched all over and so far everything willcost actually around $800
have you tried for the exhaust?
yes the cheapest place I have found for the Akro ev is they have it there for $1599 but you also get a free power commander. So you pretty much get the exhaust for $1300. Parts411 has them for $1358 and PC3 USB for $257, so that still comes to $1616 befor shipping then tack on another $80 to ship to hawaii. Either way I try to go it will still cost me around $1700 for the akro and pc
parts 411 has a low price guarente so if you see something cheaper on a site then order it from theres and put the address of the other site. after shipping they'll beat the price. only problem is the other site has to have it in stock and you have already placed the order when they check so it might bee a lot of red tape
how do they beat the price if you bought it from another site and it is already shipped to you? I don't get it.