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Hows it going guys? New member here. I have a question on the cluster on my Busa. I own an 04 Busa and I went down a few years ago. During the crash, my cluster was destroyed. I picked up another cluster from an 05 to replace it but I need help with the wiring. During the crash the connector that plugs into the rear of the cluster was ripped apart.(Bad Crash). My repair manual shows only the colors of the wires, not the pin assignment. Can anyone tell me or send me a picture of the pin assignment to the back of an 05 cluster? Thanks for the help in advance.
alright another new guy like me sweet Don't know what the pin assignment is I'll see if I can find it for you if its the same as the 07 I can pull mine and take pics for you if that helps .
looks like it is based on what I can tell I'll try to get it to you on saturday if nobody else gets it to you first dude.
Before you guys start ripping into your bikes wait till this weekend and I'll see if I can find someone with a harness laying round. I just figured I'd ask before I went crazy. Thanks for the replies. I will probably have more questions soon. And yes I survived and am still riding just missing some of my back and some extra hardware in my ankle. ;-)
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Its not an easy task to do, but if your lucky to can find the connecter a bike salvage yard!

Most all Suzuki's are the same!

The first pic is before and then after!

stuff 010 (Small).jpg

stuff 023 (Small).jpg
my bike is completly naked atm. If u need anymore info or to double check the wiring, lmk. Heck i might go check it out anyway and post it so if someone in the future needs it, its here :)
Still dont have the correct pin assignment.Grrrrrr. If anyone has the correct pin assignment for an 04 Busa please post pics or breakdown of wiring. Thanks guys.
i have the same problem.......i would love for someone to post or send me some pics of where the wires connect to the gauges without the actual connector.
I finally got it figured out but was too excited about riding it I forgot to take pics. I will post pics next time its apart.

hayabusa done 019.jpg