clear tail light lens


I would like to know where to find the clear taillight lens that is completely transparent. Anyone know?
I believe they quit making them! Seems that the dispersion of light is better with the opaque....................DOT wouldn't approve the design of the totally clear lens (Rumor has it).
Might find one at a salvage or motorcycle shop that has some old inventory!
mototeck has the "crystal" clear blinkers lens...
might try them for the tail light?
Yeah! What birdaprey said. You can get clear tail lenses at Mototeck. I would also advise purchasing a set of red LED bulbs for the rear also. I had to learn the hard way what being impetuous is all about. I ordered the two bulbs on-line for $14.95 each when I could have purchased the same exact bulbs from AutoZone for $7 each. You do the math. They also make a smoke lens for the rear and also the front turn signals.

thats kool,i'll check it up aswell could do with a set of them,if any of u need anything for ya bikes,just give me a shoult,i can go to m&p's up the road,they normily know what they can get and what they cant ;)