Buying busa from Superkaos


I am about to buy a busa from Superkaos, what do you think can i trust him? I have to put a deposit on the bike, before i even see it. Personally I think I can trust him, seems to be a quite reputable guy. What do you guys say?
Kevin is a stand-up guy! So, the answer is, 'In a heartbeat!'

The quality and thought that go into his work is top notch!
cisco35 there is a guy that has been lurking for a long time, hows it going sir?
hey cappy im doin alright. well besides steppin in crap TWICE TODAY!!! ahhh at least i didnt get kicked in the balls. so i guess im doin good.
Man I havent heard from you in a long time, some of the original members I think lurk around now, I was not sure ifyou guys had moved on or were just lurking around. Good to see you around.

this is like my home. even though i dont post alot i come here at least once a day to see what is going on. i plan on stickin around for a looong time.
do you get any type of warranty, are you close to Fla. is it a turbo, can anyone in your local area fix it ,if you have problems. that you be my main issue, not if i could trust him.
He sold the turbo bike. It is prolly the stocker.
Kevin keeps ALL of his stuff nice and clean and is an upstanding guy.
Yup, im buying the stocker aka "The Wheelie Machine". Anyone know where i can get some stock sprockets.
I have talked to Kevin many times and he seems like a great guy. I have only heard good things about him, and his reputation is too established, in my opinion, to rip-off anyone on these sites... and I doubt seriously he would rip anyone off PEROID! I am sure you will get a great ride!

ps. If you need a stock rear sprocket, let me know, I have a few on them, one with 400 original miles.