Business Card Makers Or Really Good Photo Shop Artist..I need your help


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I'm wanting to do up some new business cards and gonna do some shirts also. I need someone to take these three pics and make a cool logo or add to it. I would like the thing to pop... I like my shirt logos but if you can add to it go for it.. I need it emailed to me in a format that a card printer or online site can use it to make them. If you can do them or if you own this type business let's talk and you can do the work..



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Awe sorry Dan I never even saw this post until now. I was going to recommend vista print, thats who I got mine from.
Who did you end up going with, Daniel?

I need to come up with some.
Sorry I didn't see this earlier either. but if you still looking.

As a photographer, I work for a local business here near Detroit.

I had my biz cards made by them as well. I can email you a proof if you'd like to see their work.

Blue Apple Media - Contact would be Steve Fox -

Great guys!
I just used vistaprint for cheap price on quanity, made my own format, and my own background I found on net...I just give them out at shows, races and generally put one in box when I ship stuff not bad price for 1500 cards..these are online proofs so sure cards will look great..


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