Busa Tires whats best for all around riding?

Just got my 2004 hayabusa limited and love it wish i had made the change along time ago. my question is this I'm not a knee dragger by no means but i will take it in pretty deep. I looking for a tire that will handel good but last, it has bridgestones oringinal style, but i'm looking at continental attacks what is the best one ? please help don't want to spend the moeny on the wrong tires.


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Twotonevert had good luck with his Avon storms at Eureka, and he rode hard, they seem to be a great tire.


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Michelin pilot Road 2. I have 9500 miles on the rear now and have just hit the wear bars. The profile is still fairly round, not to flat in the middle. I will probably get another 500 to 1000 miles on it, mainly back and forth to work and maybe 1 more trip to Deals Gap. Hope this helps. :)


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mannn you opened a can of worms.

i went from stock to pilot powers for more "security" in the lean. they wear quick in the middle. a lot depends on YOUR riding style AND the roads around YOU you travel "most".

me personally, i don't live in the mountains, mostly straight around here so going to try pilot road dual compounds next...sticky on the sides but tought in the middle. good luck :beerchug:

I LOVE my Qualifiers !!! But still want to try PP 2CT's, and Corsa III's. But now with all the talk about the new Bridgestones I might have to add them to the try list ??

Again, Qualifiers are good in the twisty stuff (well for me anyway, I am by NO means an expert carver), and not to bad as far as mileage goes.


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Perielli Strada's.....Had them on both of my prior busa's...And a very good friend who did some serious riding got just shy of 10k miles on his GSXR 1k. Great tread for straight highway riding...but also the grip to hold you in any turn.
I just put on a pair of Avon Storms and love them. I am back and forth to work with the occasional twisty ride through CT. Good wear so far after about 1000 miles.
Well, let me be the first to say :welcome: to the .oRg!

I think Revolution hit the nail on the head. It is really up to your personal preferance. I had Avons on a diferent bike that I just loved, and I am ruiing Bridgestones on my 'Busa right now. I will be going to 2CT's very soon.

I would suggest a search about tires here on the .oRg and do some reaserch. The info that you will gather will help you make the best INFORMED decision possible. I tryly hopes that this is some help with your question.

Ride safe and again :welcome:

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