Buell pegs - buy 'em from Joe


At least that's what I've concluded after doing them this weekend.

Ok, I'm pretty handy. I've got a hobby lathe and drill press and sander, just about everything but a real end mill. I bought the Buell pegs for about $28 shipped and some aluminum round stock for another $6.50. But I wasted just about half the day fitting the Buell pegs (they're too wide for the footpeg yokes), machining the little aluminum tube to make them work with the pin that they pivot on, polishing up the new footpegs, etc., and I still bet they're not as nice as Joe makes for only $80. https://www.hayabusa.org/forum/members-members/78309-buell-peg-mod-99-09-busa-owners.html

Yes, I admit I am a cheap b@st@rd and wanted to save a few bucks, and yes, I do like to make parts. But instead of a 10 minute installation job and 3 hours of "test riding", I got a 3 hour fabrication job and no riding. Would've been better to pay the $80 and go riding. YMMV. :rofl:

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