Brocks Alienhead 2 Full System...anyone have it?..and a few misc questions.


Well im picking up a 2008 Hayabusa next week and plan on putting an exhaust system on it immediately. Ive grown fond of the alienhead 2...and according to the specs and brocks page it is better than its predecessor. Curious to know has anyone purchased one of these yet? If so how does it sound, what kind of numbers you make? Is cornering clearance at all reduced? Cornering is more important than power as id rather be able to hang it as far as id ever need to or see fit.

also since your here. Ive read alot and I see a few people have raised thier bike an 1" or 1 1/2 how much of a difference does this make. Im 6'3 busa feels kinda short compared to my R1 I had before this one. I want the busa for the sport touring aspects but im a more performance oriented guy im already looking to put a ttx36 rear shock and 30mm fork inserts once I have funding.

As I know to post pics soon as I get the bike I will...and thanks for reading.

Well I did have mine raised with a 55 series tire before I lowered and stretched it. My Buddy that is 6'4" like it raised, said it felt better when he was stopped. I'm 5'6" and was on my tippy toes :laugh: he also owns a 03 r1
Anyone have some feed back on either of these does raising it affect tip in, and does anyone know anything about the ah2
I raised my gen 2 one inch in the rear and used a 190/55 tire. Went +2 teeth on the rear sprocket (shortening wheelbase slightly). Had traxxion rebuild rear shock with spring sized for me. The difference was significant; steering was quicker, but still stable at speed. The transition into the lean seemed smoother.In the front, used springs for my size, with a gold valve kit and 7 wt oil. Compression was good, ended up adding 1 extra shim on rebound side before I was completely happy with response. Bike was really too tall for my short legs, contributing to a tip-over once. On my latest bike I'm leaving the rear at stock height with the taller tire and dropping the front 1/2". Everything else the same. I had traxxion AK20 cartridges on one bike which was 3 times as expensive and not much difference on the street.
I've never owned the alien head but have seen a couple. It was not the first thing to scrape, so I don't believe there are any clearance issues.