b-king speedometer correction ?


I hope this hasn't allready been addressed, I did search but couldn't find answer. I have a 2008 b-king. Speedometer seemed way off so I checked against my garmin. Garmin showed 70 mph and bike showed approx 76 or 77 mph. I had the same problem with a honda I have, and changed the front sprocket from a 16 tooth to a 17 tooth. It corrected the honda pretty much spot on. Has any one here got a good easy fix for the b-king. I don't want to mess with front sprocket if it would have adverse effect on the computer...ect. I would like to hear some options on a easy fix and ( also what not to do ). I assume the haybusa may have the same problem, but don't know that for sure. Thanks in advance , Lew


does this speedohealer just correct the speed (with the readout still on stock dash ? . also still wondering if anybody has ran a front sprocket with one more tooth ? or is it a no no ?


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The gen2 Busa's speedometer is off about the same amount as the B-king's.
The Speedohealer Bots posted is the way to go.
I had one on my gen2 Busa.
It made the speedo correct by gps.
They are very small and plug right inline to the factory harness.
You can program the speedohealer for any tire size/height, as well as any sprocket combo.
I had a -1 front on my B-King, and now have a +3 rear as well.
The bike is quicker and more aggressive, which is the way I like it. That takes away top speed, but considering that the stock 18/43 gearing is capable of mid 190's mph(Gearing, not nessacerily the bike), you can afford to lose some. Stock motor B-king is capable of low 180's under good conditions.
That's a lot of wind too.
To me, a quicker bike with no fairings that will do a realistic 150, 160mph is more fun, and at the expense of much less gas mileage.
You also can go up a tooth on the front, and/or down on the rear. It will take away acceleration in turn for more top speed, and lower cruising rpm's. The stock motored unfaired B-king wouldn't be able to achieve the top speed the gearing would be capable of anyway.
The advantage is cruising or long commutes.
Sous has this gearing on his gen2 Busa, pm him or search his posts.
The -1 front or +3 rear raise rpms by 400 to 600rpms(don't recall exactly), combined is 600 to 800rpm; as opposed to same speed with stock gearing. So it's not overkill.
Adding teeth to the front or removing from the rear of coarse has the opposite effect. Rpm's drop compared to the same cruising speed as stock gearing.
When you change the sprockets/gearing, essentially you are moving up and down in the engine's power curve vs speed/gearing to better suit your riding style. Cruiser or aggressive.
Sprockets also can't hurt your computer, they only make your speedometer closer or further away from being accurate.
Most if not all bikes have some degree of factory speedo error anyway.
The Gen2 Busa(08 to 13) also has the same stock gearing as the B-King, 18/43. The B-King's wheelbase is over 2" longer than the gen2's.
The Busa has a 190/50/17 stock rear tire, and the B-King has a 200/50/17 stock.
The 50 is the height, and a 55 series tire is taller, which would be close in gearing to a -1 front.
A -1 front is also only about $25. They are easy to change with a long breaker bar or impact wrench.
-1 front and or +3 rear, as well as +1 front and or -3 rear will work with the stock length chain.
As long as the chain is in good shape and properly adjusted, changing sprockets won't harm it.
Your speedometer error is -10%
Sorry just a peave of mine when people say my speedometer is of..... 6, 7, 8 etc. Mph.

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And it's no just the speedometer, the odometer is also off 10%. Putting a sprocket on to fix it is like using a band aid t stop an oil leak. Get a speedohealer and never look back

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I might also mention that 12 O'clockLabs SpeedoDRD works well, takes up less space than the speedohealer and cost less, as long as you don't mind counting the number of "blinks or light flashes" for set up.

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