Anyone interested in trade: Roadlok Arachnid for battery & maybe levers?


Dear spring....... HURRY!
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Need a new battery and I have no need for my Roadlok Arachnid really. Its brand new, still in box. I am hopin to go this route instead of buyin one. Hopin maybe to get some levers too if anyone wants to sweeten the deal.
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Registered can get battery at walmart...i have looked them up and they have them in stock 48 bucks i am pretty sure and i can help you out if you want to trade tit for tat...


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Why not just sell the Roadlok and then buy the battery?

If this is a Gen I Roadlok I think they go for 60 dollars new thanks to Roadlok being a site sponsor so that should cover your cost of a battery or be pretty close. :dunno:

Either way go luck. :beerchug:


Dear spring....... HURRY!
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Gen1. I had no idea they had gone down in price so much
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