Anyone have a extra like new gen II right mirror interested in a trade

I have a scratched right mirror and was looking for a like new condition right hand mirror. I have a set of the T-Rex no cut frame sliders unused along with the stator cover slider I would trade you for the mirror. Anyone interested, let me know.


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I am 99% sure I have one in my garage as well. Let me know if the other deals don't work out and you can have mine for shipping costs only.
I just ordered a new set looked at the knock off ones but hear they chip easy so I ordered some new OEM.

I put on custom mirrors, after a few months decided I didn't like them and put the stock mirrors back on. Unfortunately while the stock mirrors where off silver fish (bugs) eat some of the silver/mirror material.


Yes I have a R hand mirror. There are no scratches on it, The mirror is good. So if you want to exchange as long as the mirror is good. I paint my mirrors same as bike.
Let me know.
Chuck, what did you mean by paint the mirror. Is the one you are offering refinished? I looked at my mirror today really well and I think I am going to try and remove the scratches or refinish it somehow. I was thinking about maybe putting the carbon covers that suzuki sells on them. I'm probably going to post the T-Rex frame sliders and stator case saver in the 4sale section to finance the carbon covers. Thanks again for the offer.
Ok Chuck, as long as the mirror is suzuki oem and is good with no scratches, I'll take it. Email me your address to and I'll get the frame sliders and stator protector out to you. If you want to wait until you get them and ship me the mirror, that's cool. If you want to trust me as well, I'll give you my address and you can ship me the mirror. I'll let you decide. Thanks, Todd.


If the only problem is a pant scratch I would just rattle can that. ASnd the scrapes smooth if they are deep. Spray the whole mirror.

Done it on my ZX-14 and looked fine. Just like new!

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