Anybody have a taste for the hot stuff?


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I can't comprehend what to do with these peppers but they are getting some color....Trinidad scorpion...I have wiped the edge of a pop can or beer can of a close friend with these before and it has always produced a quick reaction...and washing your hands before touching your face is highly recommended...some old targets hanging out...


hot, Hot, HOT! you would need a few more but you can always make hot sauce and really share the love with those around you :laugh:
I would think that a little bit goes a long way... my stomach / body is anti onion and pepper anymore...I just like landscaping and is a workout and a cheap hobby...that is the first one to pop
So after a few days the color is coming in...I'd nibble on them but they are the first four...

I grow Naga Vipers and Golden Habaneros myself. These are 2 very warm peppers too! I like my hot sauces. :laugh:
for the color when do you pick them? The drying or whatever to make them easy to cook with...cut out the seeds...and just eat the shell?
they look ready.
i just cut the stem off and chop them up and use them fresh.
they are good roasted and added to a philly, you could make jerk sause, pickle them, or dry them and grind them into the powder of death.
it's all up to you. :beerchug:
I've tried the Ghost Pepper, Trinidad Scorpion, Purple Scorpion and another variant that I forgot. Over here, we love our is good.

Can't say I'm too impressed with the any one of them. I mean, the heat is good, but there's absolutely no taste! ??? Well, there is taste, but it reminds me of ammonia or something. Bleah.

What I like to do is add some of that Dave's Insanity Sauce (the Ghost Pepper one is good) to a bottle of Tabasco. See, we love Tabasco here, only gripe with it is that when you finally add enough of it to get the desired heat, it absolutely drowns the taste of the dish with it's vinegar flavor.

So...I add a little bit of Dave's. :thumbsup: The regular Insanity sauce is ok, but I'm not diggin how it's more or less oil-based and the flavor is not the best. The heat is awesome, though...that's for sure. I like the heat alot. In fact, I would add about a half a tablespoon of Insanity to maybe about 2-3 tbl spoons of Thousand Island Dressing. Ha...dip your fried chicken in that and tell me you're not in heaven! :) As it is for now...I'm back to our local peppers. They're a variant of the peppers used in Tabasco...the heat is ok, but the taste you just can't beat!

They also work awesome when you get one, smash it, and then put it with some salt. Dab your meats and/or green mango on it, and WOW! :thumbsup:
I have some ghost pepper salt. Ground ghost peppers, and some whole ones. And a bag of Trinidad Scorpion peppers. But the ones I use the most are the japones, not very hot (hotter than a jalapeño but cooler than habanero) for the flavor. Most come dried and just blacken them a bit so they are crisp and they are good.
I have a nice batch of Bhut Jolokias, and devils toungue's growing, some chocolate Bhutes too. Its dark here but Ill take some pics tomorrow, unfortunately the freaking deer got into my plants last night and chewed the hell out of them.I swear I would cap that sucker and baste it in my chili's juices if it didnt have a fawn with it. I ate one of my devils tongue's last night and it made my nose bleed, seriously. The super hots should smell and taste sweet like candy not like ammonia. Use them to spice up a nice pico or dry them and put them in a grinder with sea salt and chunks of dry garlic, that makes a great dry rub.
By the way you want to clip them off as soon as their ready so the plant will produce more. If you leave them on the plant will produce less.
You guys with the green thumbs... pretty cool.:thumbsup:

I grew some plants when I was younger,but after harvest and consumption they always made my wish I had grown some food.:whistle: